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Greenleaf Games Launch

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I have been working with GameSalad to develop games that appeal to kids.  I started using GameSalad with my students to teach them game design.

This blog will serve as a support resource for my games.  I hope you enjoy them!

Games submitted to Apple:

Driving Bingo – now available!

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Just submitted a fun kids’ game called Driving Bingo to the App Store. It it now available on the App Store at



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From time to time, I contribute free downloadable demos to the GameSalad Forums.  Here are links to some of the demos I’ve created:

Health bars for each enemy

Spawn unique actor instances based on table positions

Eyes following actor

Mini map



GameSalad Templates

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tamagotchi-scene-300x400  Slider Puzzle Template

I have started building GameSalad Templates — largely by request.  I will be selling them over at

Tamagotchi Virtual Pet.  You won’t want to miss this one!  Check it out here: (click the Video tab to see a demo).

Slider Puzzle, a fun game for kids, is available here: (click the Video tab to see a demo).

Slider Puzzle was used to make Dino Kids Free.


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In addition to being a game developer, I also provide coding and consulting services to other developers.  Here is a list of apps that I have helped to develop:

IRON JOE™ Kickboxing Workout (Videos)

The Boy or Girl Game

Turtle of the Torres Strait

Several titles are pending approval on the App Store and will be listed very soon!

Word Snap – sneak preview

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We are excited to announce that our new word game, Word Snap, is nearing completion.  Here is the working description along with a few screenshots from the iPad app:

Word Snap description

Is your child learning to read?  Does your child enjoy sounding out words?  Do your students need practice working with consonant digraphs, blend onsets, and rime chunks?  If so, Word Snap is here to help!

Word Snap offers a unique experience for children to engage in a fun and non-pressured learning environment that focuses on giving them practice in basic skills with a gradual increase in difficulty.

Word Snap was designed by teachers and tested by students to ensure academic standards and interest level.

Word Snap relies on tried-and-true educational resources for student development of early language skills:
• Built-in dictionary of primary level words from published Word Families lists
• Over 300 unique words for students to build using intuitive touch controls to position letter tiles
• More than 25 phonograms are presented for practice
• 4 levels of difficulty and 86 rounds provide students with reinforcement of concepts

And it’s not just academic… it’s fun, too!
• “Word pals” cheer on students and offer tips
• Star system rewards students who find all correct words in a round

Designed for all students, including those with learning disabilities:
• Built-in tutorial helps students understand the goals and mechanics of the game
• Ability to skip rounds and return to them later
• Menu buttons include pictographic icons
• Low level of distractions (limited animations, solid color background, etc.)
• Option to disable sounds
• Option to disable “Word pals”

Plus, parents and teachers can take advantage of the back-end Teacher Area:
• Detailed statistical tracking of student progress
• List of areas of difficulty
• Student progress is automatically saved after each word guess
• Password-protected access keeps information private

Word Snap screenshots:

Main Menu  Gameplay2Teacher Area