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Many people hire me to build their apps, fix bugs, optimize code, or otherwise consult on their projects. This information is intended to streamline the process and also set expectations for the client. Note that some of the information may be redundant if you’ve already contacted me.

When submitting GameSalad project files, screenshots, videos, or other related documents, please compress them into .zip files, upload them to a file-sharing service such as Dropbox, and then email me with the link to download the .zip file.

Please specify the following details in the email message:
1. What is your GameSalad Forum username (if you have an account)?
2. If relevant, what is the URL to a forum post or thread that describes the issue you are having?
3. Do you use Mac or Windows? If you use Windows, do you have access to a Mac or to
4. What version of Creator are you using? Is it the Stable Build, Nightly Build, or Release Candidate? In most cases, I will use the Release Candidate to build your project file.
5. What is your expected timeline for completion of the project?

I will give you an estimate for the work if it is a large-scale project such as a complete app or a video tutorial series. For smaller projects, I will quote you an hourly rate. Payment must be made via PayPal and is expected once a demo, video, or project file has been provided to the client.

Note that if you are submitting an existing project file, the time to complete the project will be greater if the existing code is disorganized or unclear (e.g. attribute names are arbitrary, actor names are repetitive, etc.). Part of the process will be the time it takes me to optimize your existing rules, so take that into account when deciding on a timeline.


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